Mia Casa Architecture can provide design and documentation services to virtually any residential project.

Our projects include

New Homes – Duplex Homes – Terraced Homes – Multi-level Apartments – Large Country Estates – Low-cost Housing

Our clients include

Over the last 15 years, Mia Casa Architecture has undertaken work for a wide variety of clients.

Building their first home, family home or retirement home. Everyone has specific needs, requirements and preferences as their circumstances change. As each one of our projects is custom-designed, we explore your requirements and include as practical a solution as possible.

Designing functional spaces that meet the specific needs of the rental market. Tough, low maintenance, and hardy.

With the goal to conveying quality, style and functionality. Effective design that provides a great first, second and long-lasting impression.

A consistent, predictable, on going design and documentation service that creates a great ‘design and build’ service. Our service is customisable to needs of your clients and the specifics of your operation. With a decade of experience working with large and small homebuilders, we can support you to convert customers to your building service.

Designing your home is an exciting, but possibly daunting project. Let Mia Casa Architecture guide you through the steps to your future home.

With your shortlist of properties, Mia Casa Architecture can provide professional feedback at this crucial early stage to ensure the site is perfect for your dream home. Factors discussed include the site’s orientation to sun, dominant wind direction, the opportunity of views, and local authority planning controls. These are all aspects that will affect the design of your home.

Now that the site has been chosen, it is time to design your home. This process starts with the gathering of a design brief followed by Mia Casa Architecture providing design schemes showing you the possibilities of your new home and ends with a complete architectural design. Design schemes are made up of drawings showing the relationship your home has to the site, two and three-dimensional views of the building and floor plans that illustrate room association and sizes. This is the part of the project where your input is most crucial. Nearing the end of this stage is the ideal time to have a budget reality check from building contractors.
With the design complete, the structural aspects of your home are developed into working drawings for building consent and construction. As the client, you can sit back as specialist external professionals such as structural and geotechnical engineers are approached for consultation on relevant aspects of the construction. Following your approval of their fees, we liaise with these experts to ensure the process is as simple for you as possible.

Mia Casa Architecture can provide design and documentation services to virtually any residential project. These include multiple-unit developments such as terraced or duplex homes, large country estates and economic low-cost housing.

At the completion of the working drawing stage, these highly-detailed drawings and supporting documents are submitted for building consent with your chosen building consultants. Acting as agents on your behalf, Mia Casa Architecture manages the flow of information required to issue consent. We can also undertake this service for Project Information Memorandum (PIM) and resource consent applications.
Although Mia Casa Architecture does not play an active role in the construction phase of the project, we are available to answer any onsite queries and provide additional consultation, design or documentation if required.

ADNZ Member

Lothar van Middelaar is a Professional Member of the Architectural Designers of New Zealand. The ADNZ is a professional body of architectural designers who have had their skills rigorously assessed. ADNZ members must hold recognised professional qualifications, undertake continued professional development, have professional indemnity insurance and meet stringent competency standards and ethics.


Licensed Building Practitioner

In 2007 the New Zealand Department of Housing and Building brought in the Licensed Building Practitioner Scheme. This is to ensure that the design and construction of all buildings in New Zealand is being done by those technically competent in their licensed field. Lothar has been a Licensed Building Practitioner since 2008. This license became mandatory from 1 March, 2012.